Leather wristbands and men bracelets

mens leather bracelet

Mens bracelets come from ancient times, when these leather wristbands and mens necklaces and other jewelry were not only for decoration purposes, but also the status symbols, served to please the gods and to protect people from evil eye or from illnesses. Women gave their loved ones these wristbands to protect them in war and to return home safely. Leather bracelets were signs of friendship and belonging, signs for for others to tell a friend from enemy..

Bracelets (also mens bracelets and mens leather wristbands) go way back in history. For example, in ancient Egypt, there were bracelets already from 5000 BCE. There is a famous scarab bracelet dating back to this ancient time. And this scarab armband was used for religious matters as it symbolized eternal life. Scarab in general is used in mythology as symbol of rebirth. Its meaning has not yet been fully disclosed, but there are evidence to prove the significance of this symbol in Egypt.

These armbands and leather wristbands (also other wristbands made of natural materials, such as shells or wood) were for spiritual purposes, to protect people from evil spirits, as well as served as ranking symbols. These armbands were meant to send a message. Also today people use silicone wristbands to send their message across. There are cancer wristbands, support group wristbands, surfers' wristbands and many more that either express opinions of the person wearing the leather bracelet or show that they belong to some particular group. Surfer's bracelets and armbands are popular among youth and alternative groups.

The material of these type of wristband may be different but the basics are the same. Calf hide wrist band is a popular accessory and there are many men's bracelets (and other masculine accessories) to choose from. We have the widest selection of hide wristbands for men, necklaces with silver or alloy pendants and charms, as well as our range of men's leather bracelets online offers various sizes for the men's armbands in large size selection. Buy leather bracelet online here and receive discounts. Get your life time bracelet today!